Meike MK-MT24 Review: Wireless Macro Twin Flash Comparison with Nikon R1C1

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Meike MK-MT24 Review: Wireless Macro Twin Flash Comparison with Nikon R1C1

The Meike MK-MT24 Wireless Macro Twin Flash was first announced in December 2017 and available for sale in January 2018. Its first launch is available only for Nikon DSLR cameras with a hotshoe, while versions for Canon DSLRs would be available in April 2018, and Sony FE in May 2018.

Like the Nikon R1C1, the Meike MK-MT24 consists of a commander (MK-GT620) and two small flashes (MK-R200) that can only be triggered wirelessly. Everything currently comes as a set, but the commander and flashes can be also purchased individually.

This review was written over the span of a month where I took over 1200 shots in the field. If you find any points missing, please feel free to let me know via the comments below.

Meike MK-GT620 Wireless Flash Commander

Meike MK-R200 Wireless Macro Flash


Meike MK-MT24 vs Nikon R1C1

This macro twin flash system is obviously designed based on the Nikon R1C1 so a huge focus of this review would be based on comparisons between these two flash systems. Ironically, the model number "MK-MT24" mimics the Canon MT-24EX twin flash system but has got nothing to do with it.

This review will focus on several important factors that will affect the usability of a wireless twin flash system for macro photography in the field.


Easy Positioning of Flashes

Many other macro flash systems exist. Some are wireless, while some come with cables or flexible arms. The main reason for my choice of wireless systems is in the flexibility of positioning the flash. I often place the flashes over a meter away from the camera -- something that is not possible with the Canon MT-24EX nor Kuangren KX-800 for example.

Add More Flashes

I like the option of adding more flashes as and when required. Sometimes I carry up to 5 flashes (for various purposes), all handheld and easily controlled.

Cheaper and Easier Replacements

Should one component fail in a wireless flash system, I can easily get replacements at a much cheaper price without having to replace the entire set. They can also be easily replaced with spares if any unit fails in the field.


The launch of this flash might have been timely with Nikon's latest bodies D850 and D500 opting to exclude the onboard flash in its designs. Many photographers rely on the onboard flash to trigger their SB-R200s to save on cost and weight. With these new camera bodies, they would need to purchase the Nikon SU800 commander (US$249) which costs almost as much as the entire Meike MK-MT24 set (US$299). It makes this new flash system a very viable option for light-weight wireless flashes.

Meike MK-MT24 Nikon R1C1
US$299 US$775
Twin Flash Set (Nikon) Twin Flash Set
US$99 US$337
MK-GT620 (Nikon) SU800
US$99 US$165
MK-R200 SB-R200

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  • This flash isms compatible with the 100mm f / 2.8 canon macro lens, how much is bring to mexico?

    Zeus Gomez on

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