MK-35mm T2.2 M43 Lens is presale now and the discount of meike cine lenes

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Hi Dear,

You may have not noted that MK-35mm T2.2 cine lens is in the pre-sale :

During the pre-sale period, we offer 3 discounts for our cine lenses.

  • 10% discount on the new cine lens MK-35mm T2.2.
  • US$50 off when the order is over $500. Buy any two lenses get US$50 discount.
  • 10% discount for ordering 12mm+16mm+25mm+35mm cine lenses


How to enjoy the discounts:

1,10% discount on MK-35mm T2.2:

Buy it in this link





US$50 off :Add any two cine lenses to buy cart:

Enter the coupon code "50 off" when you checkout.



10% discount for ordering 12mm+16mm+25mm+35mm cine lenses:

Add all Meike T2.2 MFT Cine lenses 12mm+16mm+25mm+35mm to the buy cart:

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