Persale New Release Cine lenses : 35mm E & X mount ,get 10% off now!

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Now,get a Meike E mount cinema lenses(25mm & 35mm) with 10% discount :

Buy them by this link or use promotion code "10% off E X":

Since the launch of our 25mm E mount X mount cinema lenses, we have been asked when we will release more focal length ,and here is the last schedule

MK-12mm T2.2 M43 MK-16mm T2.2 M43 MK-25mm T2.2 M43 MK-35mm T2.2  MK-50mm T2.2  MK-65mm T2.2 
Focal length 12mm 16mm 25mm 35mm 50mm 65mm
Lens Construction 15 elements in 10 groups 13 elements in 10 groups 10 elements in 8 groups 10 elements in 8 groups 9 elements in 7 groups 9 elements in 7 groups
MFT Lens view angle diagonal 92° horizontal 74° vertical 55° diagonal 73° horizontal 61° vertical 47° diagonal49.7° horizontal40.6° vertical 31° diagonal 37° horizontal 61° vertical 22.4° diagonal 24.8° horizontal 19.8° vertical 15° diagonal 19° horizontal 15.3° vertical 11.4°
Focus ring rotation 270° 270° 270° 270° 270° 270°
Lens mount MFT MFT MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X
Available for sale Released in Oct,15th Released in December Released in 2020

Meike Cine Lens T2.2 Set for E mount & X mount:

MK-25mm T2.2, MK-35mm T2.2,MK-50mm T2.2, MK-65mm T2.2

1 Cine Lens Have Been Released:MK-25mm T2.2

2 Cine lens Will Be Released soon :MK-50mm T2.2, MK-65mm T2.2




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