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Meike MK-D600 Vertical Battery Grip for Nikon D610 D600 DSLR Camera as MB-D14

Original price $67.99
Current price $37.99
Works with Nikon D610 D600
EN-EL15 Li-ion battery or 8 x AA batteries, as extra power source of your camera
Vertical shutter release button on the Battery Grip makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position much easier, adding stability to the camera.
AE / AF lock is also available for auto focusing.

1.Remove the battery from the camera.
2.Detach the camera's battery compartment cover.
3.Insert the detached cover into its storage slot to ensure that it will not be lost.
4.Remove the attachment screw with the camera's tripod socket, and then turn the attach/detach knob to tighten securely to the camera.
Package Includes:
Meike Battery Grip for Nikon D600 X 1
(Original Manufactory Package)
Don't include battery and Camera

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Dammika Dissanayake
Quality battery grip for Nikon D 610

Meike MK-D600 is a top notch battery grip for Nikon D610. If one is thinking solely of boosting power of the camera D610 does not really need a battery grip since EN EL-15 lasts a long time. However, there are many other advantages using a battery grip such as improving the camera grip in vertical mode, improving the general handling of the camera with a long telephoto lens (despite increasing the weight of the system by a few hundred grams), making it so easy to place the camera on a table top with good balance etc. I realized the above only after using the grip a few days ago (after fixing the MK-600) even though I had the camera for several years. MK-600 has two options: use one EN EL-15 battery or four AA Ni-MH batteries. The tray for the latter is provided with the grip. This should come in handy in an emergency where you don't have any more charged EN EL-15 left. Also, if you want to save money, an original EN EL-15 would cost much more than four decent quality AA Ni-MH. The design of the grip, button layout etc are noteworthy. Material and build quality are also of good standard. I have no hesitation in buying battery grips for my other cameras, if there be a need to do so.