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Meike Prime 35mm T2.1 for Super 35 Frame Cinema Camera Systems,such as RED Komodo,BMPCC6K, BMPCC6K Pro,Z CAM S6 and Sony FS5II,Canon C70 etc.


Notice: The 35mm T2.1 S35 is IN STOCK!!

The first cine lens of Meike in its new Super35-Prime Cine Lens Series:the Meike 35mm T2.1. With a image circle of 33.6mm,this lens compatible with Super 35 cameras,and it will be available in two lens mounts,PL/EF.

This lens is one of Meike’s cine lens in new Super35-Prime Cine Lens Series.It has industry-standard 0.8mm pitch gears on the focus and aperture ring.
The complete set includes



Lens Mount:  PL/EF
Min Focal Dist: 48cm
Filter Thread: ø77
Outer Diameter 80mm
Structure: 12 Elements in 10 Groups    
Focal Length: 35mm
Aperture Range: T2.1-T22
Iris Blades: 11    
Gear Mod:  M0.8
Focus Rotation:  270 Degree
Dimensions (Ø x L): 

PL:                            φ80 ×98.5 mm
EF:     φ80 × 106.5mm
910g 940g
Diagonal: 48.2°                                         
Horizontal: 40.8°                       
Vertical: 27.8° 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Finally working with Z Cam S6 with EF mount!

I finally got it to mount on a Z Cam S6 with EF mount, but I had to lower the locking pin considerably. Now that it is on I will say that this is a beautiful lens. 100% solid build. The throw feels great, very mininmal focus breathing, and the images it produces have been absolutely stunning. Would I recommend this lens? Yes. Absolutely.

No luck on a Z Cam S6

I haven’t been able to test it yet as it won’t mount on a Z Cam S6 with EF mount. It won’t sit in the mount, so you can’t lock it. I’m giving this 1 star because it’s been a frustrating time waiting to hear back from support. Reaching out to a community of other users I’ve been told to “hack” my EF mount by lowering the pin and securing it in place with glue. Really bad if that’s how a brand new out of the box lens has to work. I was also told was to buy the PL version. Well, now that means picking up another mount and dropping more money. Canon glass works on my S6, so I don’t know why this has been a poor experience. Don’t say it is meant for cameras like the S6 if it’s really not. Meanwhile I have a $600 paperweight. I’ll update my review if I can get some support or a solution.

Lucas Warren
Meike does it again.

When you are bending physics to your will, there is always a compromise. With these S35 primes you get wonderful falloff, low distortion, and nearly no breathing, so what could possibly be the trade off? Well now all my old glass worth thousands has no purpose, just sitting in the closet; a good problem to have if you ask me.

Daniel Klamerus

The build feels solid. The throw feels wonderful. Great entry level cine lens.

Pierpaolo Massafra
Fantastic product

The best price for the best cinema lens you can get. Thanks Meike