Meike New MK-50mm T2.2 MFT Cine lens for Micro Four Thirds M43 MFT Olympus Panasonic Lumix BMPCC 4K Zcam E2

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  • Meike New Release MK-50mm T2.2 Cine Lens is one of Meike Cine Lens Set:MK-12mm T2.2, MK-16mm T2.2, MK-25mm T2.2, MK-35mm T2.2,MK-50mm T2.2, MK-65mm T2.2
  • Wide aperture of T2.2, minimum focusing distance of 60cm, Lens consturction of 9 elements in 7 groups, capable of delivering sharp and clear video
  • With full coverage on Super 35 and APSC sensors ; The equivalent focal length is 100mm on Micro 4/3 mount camera bodies
  • Very long (270º) focus throw , Delivery image withs smooth, circular bokeh and little to no focus breathing
  • Compatible with Micro 4/3 MFT OLYMPUS Panasonic Lumix Cameras such as GH5 and BMPCC , BMPCC 4K,Zcam E2

Filter thread size: 77mm, Focus ring rotation: 270° 

MK-12mm T2.2 M43 MK-16mm T2.2 M43 MK-25mm T2.2 M43 MK-35mm T2.2 M43 MK-50mm T2.2 M43 MK-65mm T2.2 M43
Focal length 12mm 16mm 25mm 35mm 50mm 65mm
Lens Construction    15 elements in 10 groups 13 elements in 10 groups 10 elements in 8 groups 10 elements in 8 groups 9 elements in 7 groups 9 elements in 7 groups
MFT Lens view angle diagonal 92° horizontal 74° vertical 55° diagonal 73° horizontal 61° vertical 47° diagonal49.7° horizontal40.6° vertical 31° diagonal 37° horizontal 61° vertical 22.4° diagonal 24.8° horizontal 19.8° vertical 15° diagonal 19° horizontal 15.3° vertical 11.4°
Focus ring rotation 270° 270° 270° 270° 270° 270°
Lens mount MFT MFT MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X MFT/ Sony E / Fuji X
Available for sale Released in 2020