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Holiday Notice: Orders and customer service support might be delayed from January 19th-25th.
Holiday Notice: Orders and customer service support might be delayed from January 19th-25th.

Meike Prime 35mm T2.1 Cine Lens for Full Frame,such as Canon C700 C500II,Sony VENICE,Sony FX3 FX6,FX9,Z Cam E2-F6,Alexa LF,Mavo LF, Mavo Edge 8K


The Whole Full Frame Family :



Meike Adapter for Cine Lens

  • EF to L-mount Camera
  • PL to Sony-E mount Camera
  • PL to L-mount Camera
  • PL to Canon RF-mount Camera


•It is available in either PL, Canon EF, Canon RF, Sony E, and Panasonic L mounts.
•Canon C700 ,C500II, C500 Mark II, C300 Mark III, C300 Mark II, C200, C70 ,C100 Mark II Z Cam E2-F6 E2-F8 E2-S6
•Alexa LF
•Z Cam E2-F6
•Mavo LF
•Sony FX3 FX6,FX9
•All full-frame Sony, Panasonic. Canon, Sigma, Leica mirrorless Cameras
•All Super 35/ APS-C sensors Cameras


MK-Full Frame 35mm T2.1   Specifications:

Lens Mount:  PL/EF/RF/E/L
Min Focal Dist: 33cm
Filter Thread: ø82
Outer Diameter: 85mm
Image Circle: 45mm
Structure: 14 Elements in 9 Groups    
Focal Length: 35mm
Aperture Range: T2.1-T22
Iris Blades: 11    
Gear Mod: M0.8    
Focus Rotation: 330 Degree    
Dimensions (Ø x L): PL: 
ø89.6 × 102.5
                              EF(Canon):     ø85 × 110.5
                              RF(Canon):     ø89.6 ×134.5
                              E(Sony):         ø89.6 × 136.5  
                              L(Panasonic): ø89.6 × 134.5
Weight: 1108~1182g
on FF cameras:     on APS-C camera:
Diagonal:63.5°                                     Horizontal: 52°                       
Vertical: 40° 
Diagonal:43.2°                                      Horizontal: 34.9°                       
Vertical: 26°




MK-Full Frame 35mm T2.1   Sample Pictures:

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tipo de material da construção, corpo e lentes

Qual material é feito o corpo e as lentes, os elementos internos? São vidros, cristal?

Rolando Robles
Great lens for indie work

i am a one man band. Great rolloff. Slightly green hue which is cool i like the look. Affordable, hefty. Focus ring is smooth.

Amazing unit, best value

I just wanted to clear my doubt. I own an S35 prime and that does the job splendidly. Right now looking to upgrade the kit and what if I use this FF prime lens on a BMPCC 6K? Wil bmpcc 6k support this FF prime or should S35 be the right option?

Would using this FF produce any vignette in the footage?

Ben Robinson
Best value full frame cine lens.

In short: this lens is almost impossibly good for the price. The 35 is my second in the set and matches the 50 perfectly. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve recommended this lens to; from professionals to pro-sumer grade videographers, these have been universally appreciated for their build and image quality. And before you ask, this is an unpaid, unbiased review. I paid full price and I’m just a fan of a good, high quality lens.
A bit about me— I’ve worked on everything from reality TV shows to Marvel movies, so I’ve had the chance to use just about everything out there. Now I’m not about to go out and spend my own money on Arri lens for personal projects so I’ll use these kind of lenses instead. For comparison from my personal collection, I also own a few Canon Cine and these are 95% as good for 20% of the price. Sharpness and breathing are almost at the same level, the only real difference is skin tones are not quite as vibrant (which is an easy post fix).
Only other lens I’ve used in this price bracket is Xeen and, personally, I think these blow those out of the water. I’m my experience xeen tended toward a greenish tint which is the worst hue a lens can have. They were also softer around the edges with worse breathing.
Depending on the client’s preference, I’ll still use the Canon for certain shoots who prefer the brand. But if it were up to me I would use these every time. Cheaper to insure on set, less worry about breaking your crazy expensive lens and killing your budget, and practically equal performance. Looking forward to completing my set with the 24 and 85mm!

Jian Zhou
Cine lens and Lumix S1h and S5

This lens is extremely cost-effective, and I think the image quality of this lens is extremely reliable for this price range. I don't have enough time to use the lens to shot, so I can't give enough feedback for you. I was also considering a 50mm or 85mm lens.