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MK-35mm F1.4 Large Aperture Manual Focus Prime Lens for Micro Four Thirds M43 MFT Cameras and BMPCC-Fast Delivery

MK-35mm F1.4 Large Aperture Manual Focus Prime Lens for Micro Four Thirds M43 MFT Cameras and BMPCC 

With its large aperture opening up to F/1.4-16, it has a high light intensity and allows precise recording even in poor light conditions.
The lens is multi-layered, its body made of metal is high-quality processed and can be adjusted comfortably and easily. 
It is Wide Angle Lens suitable for landscape both product and portrait photography.

Focal Length:35mm
Maximum Aperture: f/1.4
Minimun Aperture: f/16
Filter Size:49mm
Micro 4/3 Visual angle:diagonal 35° horizontal 21° vertical 28°
Lens construction is 8 elements in 5 groups, multi-layer coatings 
Minimun Focus Distance:0.4m 1.31ft

Packing size: 3.6*2.8*3.6in
Package Weight:300g,Product Weight:190

Fujifilm cameras with MFT sensor and M4/3-mount bayonet
For Olympus mirrorless camera E-P1 E-PL1 E-P2 E-PL2 E-P3 E-PL3 E-PL5 E-PM1 E-PM2 OM-D E-M5 E-P5 OM-D E-M1 OMD-EM10 and other Olympus Micro 4/3 cameras 
Panasonic Lumix G9 G1 G2 G3 G5 GF1 GF2 GF3 GF5 GF6 GF7 GH1 GH2 GH3 GH5 G6 GX1 GX7 GX8 GH4 GM1 GM5 -D E-M5 E-P5 OM-D E-M1 OMD-EM10 and other Panasonic Lumix Micro M4/3 MFT cameras
Package List: 
1*MK 35mm f/1.4 Lens for M4/3
2*Lens Cap(front and rear)
1*Manual and Warranty Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Giovanni Kapili
good lens

Small and cute. Simple to use.

M. Wood
Great Lens...Budget or not!

No kidding... for the price, the performance in real-world shooting is outstanding on my OM-D m43 camera! F1.4 is so much fun to use on people, products, or making artistic-looking images on the street. Stopping down a bit increases the sharpness of course, but so what! I bought this lens for its artistic ability and micro-contrast - I't's a clear winner here! Reminds me of older Rokkor-Minolta design lenses in the image rendering.
My only gripe? There are no click stops on the aperture ring. Really would wish for that... you have to look to see where you are before each image you take. Still, a fun and very useful lens! Meike 35mm F/1.4 - Quality Built!!

Ólafur Arnarson
Super great love

I love this lens great performance and super well built and looks good on the camera.

Ludovic Rocle
Great quality

Meike is a must have if you have no money but want to take professional shots