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Meike Cine Lens Adapters Announced

Meike Cine Lens Adapters Announced

We released a series of new adapters for cine lens. These adapters offer you multiple mounting solutions 

The following adapters are available:
  • EF to L-mount Camera
  • PL to Sony-E mount Camera
  • PL to L-mount Camera
  • PL to Canon RF-mount Camera



Camera Mount

L-Mount Camera

E-Mount Camera L-Mount Camera RF-Mount Camera

Lens Mount

EF-Mount Lens PL-Mount Lens PL-Mount Lens PL-Mount Lens

Package Size(:mm)

Ø91.9x29.5x75.5 Ø105*75*100 Ø105*75*100 Ø105*75*100
Weight 160g 290g 290g 300g


Go Purchase it by Clicking the Following Link,

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