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Prelude of Black Friday

Prelude of Black Friday

Prelude of Black Friday on Meike Global

  • Start at 00:00 November 10 (EST)

  • From November 10 to 12




Coupon Code

FF Cine Lens US$30 OFF Coupon 1
M43 Cine Lens US$30 OFF Coupon 1
50mmF1.2 Lens US$30 OFF Coupon 1
3.5mmF2.8 US$20 OFF Coupon 2
MT24II Flash US$20 OFF Coupon 2
 Other Products US$10 OFF Coupon 3

[ Just type the code at checkout to get discount.]

If you have any other problem about the sale,please be free to contact us.

  • Messenger:Meike Global
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