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Presale:Meike MK-XE3G Metal Hand Grip Bracket Holder for Fujifilm X-E3 Camera

Original price $39.99
Current price $34.99

Meike MK-XE3G hand grip for Fujifilm X-E3 Camera improves the grip on the camera and reduces the chances of camera shake, especially when using heavy, large aperture lenses.can be used as a quick release with compatible tripods

  • Works with Fujifilm X-E3 Camera.Increases grip on Fujifilm X-E3 Camera
  • Access to battery door without removing grip
  • Easy to control the camera and increase the use of feelings
  • Arca Swiss compatible

Notice: This lens is out of stock currently and it is only for pre-sale. The estimated shipping date has not been set temporarily.

This metal grip can be left in place when using a tripod and enables users to change the battery and SD card without having to remove the grip from the body
Packaging includes:
1 * Meike MK-XE3G hand grip
1 * Meike original packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worth the wait

It took 3 weeks to arrive, but it was worth the wait. It fits perfectly onto the X-E3. The texture and shape are a great improvement, and about as good as it can get without being too big and out of scale. Anyone with high diameter lenses might think twice because of congestion where left hand focusing fingers meet right hand grip fingers. The work-around would be to change your focus / zoom handling, which might not feel natural. But with in-scale lenses such as the f/2 primes, the finger spacing is fine. Fitting makes the grip sit firmly on a tripod mount. Wouldn’t use my X-E3 without the grip now. It’s changed a camera with an unconvincing feel into one that feels great.

Good quality

The Meike MK-XE3G Metal Hand Grip Bracket Holder for Fujifilm X-E3 Camera looks great and works even better. Also with 'bigger' lenses.

Perfect XE3 grip.

It makes camera grip much better. Highly recommended.

Meike MK-XE3G

TOP marks, EXCELLENT quality, well pleased with the Meike MK-XE3G

Great product

Overall very satisfied with my XE3 griphandle, makes the camera.much more comfortable to hold and looks great