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MK-A9II Hand Grip Quick Release Plate L Bracket for Sony A7R IV / A7 IV / A9II cameras

Original price $54.99
Current price $49.99

1. Improve comfortable grip.
2. The bottom is equipped with 1/4 screw holes, which can be used with peripheral products with 1/4 screws.
3. Quick release plate chute on the bottom, can be used with tripod head quickly.
4. The product carries a battery hole, without the need to remove the handle, which enables quick battery replacement.
5. The bottom of the product is designed to accommodate an innovative hexagon wrench and a standard one.
6.The grip is designed with an integrated rail, which can freely adjust the camera position after installing and the support.
7.A full metal large spiral knob device is designed at the buttom of this handle and it can firmm fix the camera without any tools.

Suitable for Sony A7R IV / A7 IV / A9II cameras

Product size: about 128.5 * 67 * 20.5mm
Product net weight: 100g