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The 75mm S35 cine lens has been launched | Click here to purchase!
The 75mm S35 cine lens has been launched | Click here to purchase!

Meike Prime 50mm T2.1 for Super 35 Frame Cinema Camera Systems,such as RED Komodo,BMPCC6K,BMPCC6K Pro,Z CAM S6, and Sony FS5II,Canon C70 etc.


The second cine lens of Meike in Super35-Prime Cine Lens Series:the Meike 50mm T2.1. With a image circle of 33.6 mm,this lens compatible with Super 35 cameras,and it will be available in two lens mounts,PL/EF.

This lens is one of Meike’s cine lens in new Super35-Prime Cine Lens Series.It has industry-standard 0.8mm pitch gears on the focus and aperture ring.
The complete set includes
35mmT2.1and 50mmT2.1 have been released.


Lens Mount:  PL/EF
Min Focal Dist: 60cm
Filter Thread: ø77
Outer Diameter 80mm
Structure: 12 Elements in 9 Groups    
Focal Length: 50mm
Aperture Range: T2.1-T22
Iris Blades: 11    
Gear Mod:  M0.8
Focus Rotation:  270 Degree
Dimensions (Ø x L): 
PL:                            φ85.5 ×98.5 mm
EF:     φ85.5 × 106.5mm
910g 940g
Diagonal: 34.7°                                         
Horizontal: 28.1°                       
Vertical: 21.2° 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
david nguyen
S35 50mm is a great lens!

Terrific. High quality build. Looking forward to getting the rest of the set.

Elliot Millson
Fantastic piece of glass

I’ve owned the 35mm version of this lens for a few months now and have fallen in love with it’s combination of warm vintage tones and clear sharpness. This 50mm is the same, if not better! Both match beautifully and I look forward to the release of the rest of the set.

Amazing lens for an amazing price

The lens optical characteristics were exactly what I was after - sharp as all hell but bokeh with character at the edges.

And nothing comes close in the same price bracket. Customer services is top notch as well. More people need to jump onto the Meike cine line.

Jacques Castel

Amazing Lens !

Amir Sharafeh
My 2nd S35 lens

This lens is unbelievably sharp, wide open, yet it’s not so sharp that makes your footage look like cheap video. It has a beautiful softness that I can say it’s almost like Canon K35 lenses at a fraction of the cost. They weigh less than the full frame Meike and I appreciate that about this lens as well. Looking forward to the other S35 releases.