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Voking VK-WPC-A6000 Professional waterproof camera case Protective Housing for Sony A6000

Original price $200.00
Current price $100.00
Support model:Sony A6000
Support lens: 16-50mm 35mm/1.8
High transparent material can keep a good photo shooting
With this waterproof camera shell you can perfectly use the camera 100m under water
The shell body is made of all aluminum material, through professional design and manufacturing, in the case of weight controlbut also to ensure the life of products

To avoid accidents, in order to protect personal safety and waterproof shell, we should pay attention to the most important points
1, In the underwater use of waterproof shell, need to pay attention to the side of the situation.
2, The use of water depth can not more than 100M (325ft), water temperature can not be higher than 40 degrees (104F).
3, Do not put the camera's waterproof shell directly in direct sunlight or high temperature places, may lead to fire or rupture.
4, Do not use waterproof shell as suspension device.(life-saving equipment)
5, do not destroy the sealing performance of waterproof shell ,scratch by waterproof shell and impurities appear between sealing ring and it.
6, Do not collision for waterproof shell , the lens window maybe will break.
7, Do not use unnecessary force on the waterproof shell in water, maybe lead to waterproof shell deformed or leak. The waterproof needs to tested before the camera into that . (please refer to instruction manual for testing.)
Whether it is to install the camera before and after, or use, or take out, the most important thing is to protect your safety, and then protect your camera.

1*waterproof shell
1*color box
1*warrenty card