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MK-EFTE-C Drop-in Filter Mount Adapter EF/EF-S lens to Sony E mount camera


All Filters are cross compatible with 4 adapters(MK-EFTR-C, MK-EFTE-C, MK-EFTZ-C,MK-EFTM-C )


Model: MK-EFTE-C

Maximum diameter and length: Φ72 x 26.7mm

Packing size: 88*65*88mm

Net weight: 110g (0.24lb) (with variable ND filter)

Adapter front end: EF(EF-S) series lens

Adapter rear end: Sony E-mount camera

Auto Focus:Support

PDAF and CDAF Mode:Support

Sample images of special effects filters


(White Streak  Drop-in Filter)

(Blue Streak Drop-in Filter)

(Gold Streak Drop-in Filter)


(Rainbow Streak Drop-in Filter)

 (Rainbow Star Drop-in Filter)

(4 Points Star Drop-in Filter)


(6 Points Star  Drop-in Filter)

(8 Points Star Drop-in Filter)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Evan Perry
It works!

I use this product with the Sony FX3 to adapt my very large EF mount collection. It saved me so much money not having to go out and get new lenses. The filters work well, and I can take advantage of the native ISO(s) on the FX3 with the ND. The filter stays firmly in place even when I'm whipping the camera around. Solid construction. The electronics work, and I have complete control of the lenses, but some of my lenses are pretty old so I manually focus. To get the best autofocus results, you need a modern and native lens.

Lester Cohn
A must have for EF to E!

So in all my 24 years of producing video professionally I’m delighted to find a brand like Meike that checks so many boxes for me. Let’s talk a little about the EF to E adapter I recently purchased and received.
First of all, it adapts my full frame meike set beautifully with my new Sony fx30, an s35.
I needed this so I could not only use the set but have an eND.

The price is right and worth checking out!