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Worldwide Shipping & Free Shipping Over $99
Worldwide Shipping & Free Shipping Over $99

Meike’s FAQs/Shipping Policy

Q1:Should i pay import tax?That depends on where you are based and what you buy.

The First Situation:

Usually you don't need to pay customs duties if the item you bought isn't cinema lens or your address is USA.

In the U.S.,you do not need pay import tax because the declared value of good we will fill in will lower than the Customs charge standard.

The Second Situation:

In Europe or other countries, and the item you bought is cinema lens, we would reduce the declared value of each item as much as we can,so you only need to pay a few fees or 0 fee.

Q2:What shipping ways will you use? And how long will it take?

A2: The shipping way is optional,and i list two options of shipping cost and delivery time scale for you as below for reference,

Option                                 Shipping Costs                   Delivery Time Scale 

Standard shipping                  0                                        15-30 days

DHL/FedEx                             $30                 5-12 working days

Q3: Where will these products be shipped from?

A3: Most of products will be shipped from China, for a little amount of products which will be shipped from Europe&US warehouse.

Q4:Can the order be canceled?

A4: If the order is pending, please contact Meike customer support at to cancel. If the order is shipped, the order cannot be canceled. Please contact vendor for more details.

Q5:Can the shipping address or some info be changed/modified when done placing order?

A5: When the order placed successfully,but there are some info about the order you wanna change/modify. You can contact Meike Customer Support at to change/modify it if it's pending.