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24mm FF Cine Lens is Launched | Learn more by clicking here
24mm FF Cine Lens is Launched | Learn more by clicking here

Meike Prime 24mm T2.1 Cine Lens for Full Frame Cinema Camera Systems,such as Canon C700 C500II,Sony VENICE,Sony FX3 FX6,FX9,Z Cam E2-F6,Alexa LF,Mavo LF


This is Meike’s fourth full-frame cine lens and it now joins the Full Frame cine lens family.  It covers an image circle of 45mm. It is available in either PL, Canon EF, Canon RF, Sony E, and Panasonic L mounts.

The complete set includes

It has industry-standard 0.8mm pitch gears on the focus and aperture ring.The lens design of the Meike 24mm T2.1 FF-Prime consists of fourteen elements in nine groups.The aperture mechanism consists of 11 aperture blades. The minimum focus distance is 30mm.


The Meike 24mmT2.1 Full Frame Cine Lens is available for Pre-Sale from now on!

The estimated shipping date is in the late of November.


  • Canon C700 C500II
  • Sony VENICE
  • Alexa LF
  • Z Cam E2-F6
  • Mavo LF
  • Sony FX3 FX6,FX9
  • All full-frame Sony, Panasonic. Canon, Sigma, Leica mirrorless
  • All Super 35/ APS-C sensors
Lens Mount:  PL/EF/RF/E/L
Min Focal Dist: 30cm
Filter Thread: ø82
Image Circle: 45mm
Structure: 14 Elements in 9 Groups    
Focal Length: 24mm
Aperture Range: T2.1-T22
Iris Blades: 11    
Gear Mod: M0.8    
Focus Rotation: 330 Degree    
Dimensions (Ø x L): PL: 
ø89.6 × 101.9
                              EF(Canon):     ø89.6 × 110
                              RF(Canon):     ø89.6 × 133.9
                              E(Sony):         ø89.6 × 135.9   
                              L(Panasonic): ø89.6 × 133.9
                              Z(Nikon):       ø89.6 × 137.9
Weight: 1111~1185g
on FF cameras:     on APS-C camera:
Diagonal:83.4°                                     Horizontal: 72.6°                       
Vertical: 52° 
Diagonal:60.1°                                      Horizontal: 51.3°                       
Vertical: 35.1°

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