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Meike Lens Mount Swapping kit of S35 Cine Lens (18mm+25mm+35mm+50mm+75mm) with Shims


Lens Mount Swapping kit for Meike S35 cine lens

To replace the EF/PL mounts of your existing lenses.


Bayonet Type PLTo replace the EF mount of your existing lenses.

Bayonet Type EFTo replace the PL mount of your existing lenses.

Customer Reviews

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john ross soldano
Well built... but can't make it work.

I bought the 35mm version to convert my 35mm PL s35 lens to EF. The adapter/swap mount seems well built.
However, that's as far as I can go with the review. It came with NO instructions in the box, and the instruction sent to me by customer support did not explain what some of the parts were for (most notably, a plastic O-ring that—according to the "instructions"—seemed to have no purpose.) The instructions sent and online video were designed for the opposite... swapping EF to PL.
Also, the screws that needed to be removed from the original PL mount would NOT remove regardless of how much force I used, thereby rendering the entire thing useless.
The whole reason I wanted to swap mounts is because I have yet to find a PL mount that these lenses will fit in. I haven't been able to use them on 3 different cameras. Bummer.