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About Meike

Since the establishment of Meike, we have developed a variety of products in the direction of “exploitation”. In the direction of diversification and globalization, we are constantly updating.

Today, Meike has 7 mature product lines: Manual Lens, AF Lens, Cine Lens, Battery Grip, Bracket Grip, Macro Extension Tube, Flash, develops more than 1000 products, and has dealers and service centers around the world.Our sales network spread All over the world, and our product welcome by customers because of high quality, novelty style, reasonable price.

We have our own Facebook group, we communicate with the majority of users, hope to hear their true voice, maintain brand acumen, and continue to develop more popular products.

Meike New Release:

Cine lens:

MK-16mm T2.2 lens (M43,Sony,Fujifilm)

MK-25mm T2.2 lens(M43,Sony,Fujifilm)

AF Lens:

MK-85mm F1.8 Canon EF mount 

MK-85mm F1.8 Sony F mount

Manual Lens:

MK-35mm F1.4 APS-C (Sony E mount,Fujifilm X mount,Micro 4/3 mount)

MK-25mm F1.8  APS-C (Sony E mount,Fujifilm X mount,Micro 4/3 mount)

MK-50mm F1.7 Full Frame (Sony FE mount,Nikon Z mount,Canon RF mount)

Metal Bracket Grip:

MK-Z7G for Nikon Z6 Z7