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Meike Prime 18mm T2.1 Cine Lens for Super 35 Frame Cinema Camera System, such as RED Komodo, BMPCC 6K, BMPCC 6K Pro,Z CAM S6 and Canon C70 etc.

Lens Mount
The fifth cine lens of Meike in Super 35 Prime Cine Lens Series: 18mm T2.1.
With a image circle of 33.6 mm,this lens compatible with Super 35 cameras,and it will be available in two lens mounts,PL/EF.

This lens is one of Meike's cine lens in new Super35-Prime Cine Lens Series. It has industry-standard 0.8mm pitch gears on the focus and aperture ring.

The complete set will include 6 lenses
18mmT2.1, 25mmT2.1, 35mmT2.1, 50mmT2.1, 75mmT2.1, 100mmT2.1

Lens Mount:   PL/EF
Min Focal Dist:  25cm
Filter Thread:  ø77
Outer Diameter  80mm
Structure:  15 Elements in 10 Groups    
Focal Length:  18mm
Aperture Range:  T2.1-T22
Iris Blades:  10    
Gear Mod:   M0.8
Focus Rotation:   270 Degree
Dimensions (Ø x L):  
PL:      ø85.5 × 93.4 mm
EF:      ø85.5 × 101.45mm

Diagonal: 76.6 °                                         
Horizontal: 63.2°                       
Vertical: 45.5 °

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
18mm & 35mm S35 Cine lens

I received my second S35 in 18mm version, these lenses are incredible, they offer a very high quality and a flawless construction! I have the 18mm and 35mm and I’m going to get the 25mm soon $_$

Many thanks to Moki, my Meike contact

Collin - Clear Creek Films LLC
18mm S35 Cine lens

Best dollar for dollar s35 prime cine lens I've used. I like the flexibility of the 18mm. The range of the lens is great. Lots of pros. Only con is that the lens goes past infinity on the focus. I don't consider that a problem for me. It's just a minor imperfection. The lens is light weight compared to my other lens. Great for run and gun situations. It's also easy to balance on a gimbal. I use this for the BMPCC6KPRO. I shot in BRAW all the time. I enjoy the colors that this lens produces. I color correct in DaVinci and it's proven to be a great cine lens.

José Orpinelli

Wide, amazing image, smooth focus ring. Great lens

Beautiful Lens

Wonderfully crafted and excellent quality lens. With a 1/8 Diffusion- it plays well as a wide angle for my Canon nFD's. Wide open at T2.1 it has little to no CA too. I would say image is comparable to Sigma 18-35 @ 18mm T2. My only gripe is that I bought this for Alexa Mini since the Meike boasts a 33.6mm image. That is actually FALSE as the image circle was confirmed to be 30.5mm by the company. It will vignette on Arri OG or anything needing a S35 33.6mm image circle. Filters on the lens will vignette also of course. For this, I sadly removed one star :( . Otherwise I'm truly impressed overall.